It seems that with recent events everybody and their brother and their sister and their dogs and their birds are all going camping and using public lands. Every public area that we approach is overrun. The thing is. The Bureau of Land Management has abandoned these places. When they are being used the most. You will see signs on the bathrooms that they are no longer maintained. Maybe just shut down the area? Just a thought.

Usually. Somebody, Mo usually, will clean up a bathroom. So that they can still be used … but still. The next day they start to go south.

Our public lands are in far worse disrepair than one would think. People go out of their way to poop and around pee on the walls of restrooms. Even dump their garbage into them. We don’t even attempt to approach some. Often we find ourselves in that far corner away from everybody digging our holes.

And that’s what the BLM is doing, digging themselves a hole.

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