I’m on my walk. Talking to ducks and chatting with the geese. Stopping to look at the Yellowstone River at times but keeping my pace high so I can get back to work. Clouds are rolling over the Absoroka Range. Today, I’m in Livingston.

Yesterday was at a jump line in the sun two counties over. Day before? The same. Three days before? A blinding snowstorm and evacuating the Tom Minor region. The weeks before that? Vacationing in Gardiner hitting up some sweet gravel. Before that? Miller Creek drainage bitching about the hordes of Bozeman, folk. Before that? Having pizza in the apartment … together.

That’s like a whole month of being in a different place.

Wow! I just walked past some goslings. The last time I was here they were so small. Now, they’re huge. Stopping to take video, this will come in handy for a post later.

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