Halfway between Livingston and Gardiner, there is a place. A place we escape. I have even been known to drive the extra 30 minutes for an after-work ride. Why do we like this place? It’s discrete and out of the way. But most of all it is often void of humans.


Now I don’t mind humans. But there is one type. A type that comes over the pass and pushes their tension and privileged stress into others. People that walk all over the backs of others. I have politely stopped one of THEM to say, “We don’t drive that way in Livingston, please slow down and enjoy yourself”. Which usually is returned by a big fat middle finger in my face.

I do realize I am sounding a little nationalistic. I do try and see it the way the original people did. But look how that turned out. The bottom line is that I believe no one owns the land and the only entity I obey is mother nature. Mother earth. Whatever you call it … the freaking planet we live a short life on. But we don’t own SHIT. Fuck you landowners that think otherwise and kudos to those that are just stewards and realized that they are just guests.

And I do realize that the most annoying thing for a resident of a place is those that move in and try to change the place to what they are used to. But I think I align nicely with all Livingston and Gardiner residents. But whatever. This post isn’t about all of that.

Over the weekend we drove to the place we go to energize and get away from others. As we drove up the 15 or so miles of forest service road it slowly sunk in. We were not all alone. Around every corner … 6-ers as we call them. Every dispersed camping area completely packed with 20+ campers. Finally, we just found a flat piece of ground that wouldn’t mind a van to park on and made our place to spend the night.

Keep the bullshit on your side of the pass.

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