Flowers and other data

Has anyone noticed flowers? With it NOT being spring in these parts the flowers are coming as a shock. Don’t we have like 3 more months of winter?

So I set out on an expedition. To ride out to the bench to take some wind samples. The curlews are out so that is a good sign. But then as I approached Livingston Peak Trailhead the Monster appeared.

“You will not pass”

“Screw you”

And then as descended through Suce Creek the hail beat down on me to punish me for ignoring the Monster. But I did notice some wildflowers on the southern slopes.

As I time-trialed back into town on the Old Yellowstone Trail I analyzed my samples. Maybe spring IS near. There are flowers out and I survived the Livingston Loop. I am only shivering and drenched. Not frozen and stuck in the snow. There is a change, I will finally admit.

Now to prepare for the June snowstorms.

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