Acton Recreation Area

This place is out in the middle of nowhere. From our front door, it is 2 hours, over 100 miles away. From the big metropolis known as Livingston to bum fudge Egypt, as the saying goes.

If it rains you stay thanks to peanut butter gumbo mud. Every day at 5 a huge storm hits you with high winds, hail, and sometimes a blizzard. It is hotter than death valley here. Sometimes 80 in the offseason. In the summer … well, you just don’t come here. Does anyone remember the 24 hours of Rapeljie? Yea, then you know about the evening tornado followed by days of searing heat. Rapeljie is just over the horizon from here. We can see Hailstorm Lake.

There are the occasional deer and plenty of bird watching but the most abundant creature is the rattlesnake. It is dry and there is no water for 20 miles. If you are someone that fears running out of toilet paper then stay away … there is none in these parts.

The land is BLM but it goes unmonitored. Motorheads have destroyed the only bathroom facility and in the evening can be heard ripping up the parking lot with their quads.

There are people here that will kill you if you don’t leave them alone, living among the sandstone cliffs they roam just enough to not raise any suspicion from BLM law enforcement. Again, not monitored although I did see a deputy come by once.

We have spent two weeks here. It is so peaceful, beautiful, and did I mention the bike park. I have to call it my favorite place in the spring. I love Acton Rec Area.

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