“I just can’t do it … I just can’t, my brain just is not wired that way. I give up”, snuggles was just off the trail looking completely demolished.

“I think it is just fear, you have to make that connection to trust”

We walked the drop again. The roll-in was a bit squirrely and to set up for the drop one should give the bike a flick up onto the edge of the trail.

After a bit, a couple of young dudes rolled up with full-face helmets and stopped. Terror washed over their faces. I gave them tidbits of advice, this coming from someone who hasn’t conquered the fear yet. They went around and one of them rolled into the smallest one.

“Just roll off of it the first time”, I yelled down to him.

He retreated rolled up to it and let go.

“Holy shit that was easy”, he yelled back as he disappeared down the Redline, a run in Acton Bike Park.

She looked the entire spectacle over and agreed that there is absolutely nothing that could go wrong. Nothing.

“I don’t know why but I just can not do it, I can’t let go”

I knew this particular section was a wash. I wasn’t going to do the big drop and snuggles was just comfortable riding awesome single track and keeping the damn knobs on the ground.

I turned back up the trail to give the big drop one more look. As I peered over the edge I knew this was not my day to do the big one. I walked my bike to the top of the b-line. Suddenly, something felt wrong. I hear a thump and whoosh. I turned around and looked down the trail.

“Snuggles”?… “Hello?”

What had happened? I ran down the trail looking feverishly onto one side of the drop and then the other.

“Holy F%^&# hell, what happened”, I yelled down the hill.

Silence … until the sound of squabbling dirt came to an end. Sounded like someone finally putting on the brakes way down the hill.

“I sent it”, words lofted up the hill.

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