Adventure starts with small seeds of curiosity. And maybe a sunny day.

“I wonder if we could get over there?”

She was pointing to the other side of the bay. Supposedly it was state lands, a state park. The bay looked frozen and we had our fat bikes. All the items necessary to go investigate. Four hours later we went on a wonderful adventure.

Just to ensure a respectable amount of energy to pedal a bike with massive tires we put down a couple of really strong coffees and then set ou.

That is when we left Montana. The bays were private so it seemed as if we were marooned on an island. Well, except for the snow and Ice. Other times we were biking the ice chunks of Lake Superior.

Then a crossing of the high plains to end the day. Followed by removing numerous cactus from our tires.

It’s all there folks. Just a little curiosity and sunshine. happens every time.

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