Bizarro morning

It seems like a nice morning. Especially when I rose the blinds to expose a sunshine filled morning. There was so much hope. Then it happened.

All the dude ever wanted was to log in to work. Yeah, I guess the first thing that started my mental breakdown was the Bluetooth keyboard. By the way, if anybody wants a Bluetooth keyboard I will give it to them for free. Anyway, anyone with an Apple laptop knows that all Bluetooth devices time out and then you can never reconnect them until you reboot or log out and back in. Usually, I just go about my way, but this morning I just didn’t have any patience. So I pulled the laptop out and disconnected the HDMI cable. I went to wiggle the mouse. The right button was the left button and vice versa. It was freaking out. I went to check the battery and it slipped through my fingers and flew out the window, yes, flew out the window. I’m on the third floor, you figure it out. That is when blackness washed over me and I had a complete fit right there by myself in the morning before coffee on the floor of my apartment.

I was able to log in. And do a normal day at work. But that is really never any way to ever start a day. I’m cracking a beer and watching Crankworx. I’m tuning out. I may never be back. Everybody, have a great life.

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