It is what it is

So last night we realized that the sounds coming from the street were not, in fact, a live band but the occupant downstairs from us. Boom, boom, boom, and it just kept reverberating through our apartment. We needed to get the bed and more importantly needed to get to sleep fast. Snuggles is getting on the bus for Yellowstone National Park at 4 AM. And myself I had to get back to work on Monday.

Last Best Hike
Mo stands at her new stand up desk

I’m now standing here at my desk gazing into the screen trying desperately to try to figure out how to do my job. Mo left this morning at 4 a.m. And I just hope that she is feeling better than I am. I did do some investigating this morning and, well, let’s just hope the person downstairs is going to be ok.

Last Best Hike
A view from the Bridgers on our last hike in Bozeman

A lot of times in life we get irritated and we went to lash out. But maybe it is better to attempt to view the situation from another point of view. Was it really their fault? Did they intend to irritate you? Are they deceased? We should take that into consideration … um … maybe.

Last Best Hike
Mo hikes down the M trail for the last time in Bozeman

So you’re screaming down a hill on a mountain bike and there’s a log across a trail. It is possible that the tree didn’t fall to interrupt your Strava time. Pick up your damn bike and run across a log and get back on. It is what it is.

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