OK, Fine

I am still hanging onto summer. But facts are facts and the reality is that we are in the middle of winter. Time to bike … ah, I mean to bite the bullet. Load those damn fat bikes and go into Hyalite.

First Fat Bike at Hyalite
Ruby takes a break

As I waited for snuggles I rested my brain and stepped off the bike. This after about 1/4 mile and 20 minutes of hard work. No fat biking isn’t physically tough. I mean you have extremely low gears. But it IS mentally tough.

First Fat Bike at Hyalite
Mo is all smiles as she tries to keep it on the track

It is like the balance beam. Easy to walk but tough to stay balanced. You have to will yourself to stay upright and holy shit if you sway to the side a couple inches. You see all you have is like maybe 4 inches of the path. Depends on where one goes I guess …

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