Three … ish … Months

It has been that long since my last post. I guess things got busy. And I had to repair myself. It’s been 3 months … maybe more.

Maxey Cabin Adventure
Morning sunlight

After the long journey into why I feel dizzy I am close to a verdict.  My brain is healthy and I even have repaired the un-repairable … my inner ear. Perfectly fine now. My vestibular is spectacular. No evidence of concussions although I know we cant really tell unless we do a biopsy. Not recommended because you have to be dead.

Maxey Cabin Adventure
Morning sun

I have been doing exercises to fix the back injuries sustained last fall. That is going well. I can sit in a car a long time and riding a bike is no problem. All good. So why the dizzies and headaches?

Picture is worth a million trails

All tests point to migraines … but why? We have found that in the past I fractured my neck. And that I had no medical care so it just healed itself. I can avoid the migraine triggers until I fix my neck. Found the bow bow. So until we get my neck repaired naturally with stretch, exercise, and strengthening I will avoid cheese, processed meat, wine, beer, gluten, and nuts. Getting closer!

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