Homeward Bound

I awoke just like so many times here in Bozeman. So so many times. In fact … almost every time. It always happens like this. I go to bed after a nice day of riding and have spring visions dancing in my head. But then waking to fresh white stuff on the ground with temps 30 degrees cooler. Seems like every other day this year. So frustrating.

I slowly packed my gear and weened myself off from a nice toasty stove. I cleaned out the cabin and removed the old ashes. Chopped some firewood and stocked up the abode.  Actually took a while doing it alone. Another benefit of a partner … right?

But then I go to work tomorrow and really, who gives a shit that it is cold with crap on the ground. Or mother nature could be cruel and it will be 70 tomorrow. Either way I soaked up the ride home.


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