Paria Canyon, Why Not

So I got up and tested a backpack. It was assumed I would try and then I could wave good bye to my friends as they headed out for an adventure. My plan was to just lay around camp and sleep. I couldn’t sleep since the accident that injured my back.

The pack was heavy enough to duplicate what we would carry if I did not get hurt and we continued our plan to fulfill the back-country permits in Paria Canyon. I launched it from the picnic table. I hefted it on and disguised my grimace with a smile. Interestingly enough when I cinched it down it felt better then if I didn’t have anything on my back at all. It was like this big heavy back brace. Cool, let go hiking.

I felt bad Mo was going to carry all the supplies … almost as much as her own body weight. I left with my friends all starring at me for just a hint of pain. They would force me to bail. I showed no such thing. Why not backpack with a injury?

Your Thoughts

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