Which Wolf Do You Feed?

I may have the details wrong but the message is the dame. An indigenous person once told his grandson that he had a huge battle inside him. And that it was between two wolves. One was full of gratitude, love, and kindness. The other full of hate, resentfulness, and sorrow.

“Which on do you think will win grandpa?”

“The one I feed grandson.”

I am grateful to have experienced the desert with my partner and friends. Specially after the accident. They wondered why I endured the pain instead of just resting in a motel bed at Saint George. But to me I would rather be in pain in a beautiful place then in a boring place.

Looking back it was so much good memory. I loved the trip. And I feel I should be more kind to myself now that I am back.

So I bought myself a new mountain bike.

Your Thoughts

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