Sheridan Shindig Day 2

Everything was wet when I woke up. After pouring all night all flammable materials were soaked. And to make things worse everything was frozen. I attempted to get the stove out of my bike bag but had to break the ice off the zipper. All hopes to get a fire started were dashed … but … a friend once said that just because something is impossible why not try it anyway.

I was able to find a dry old red needle branch under a sheltered pile of logs and decided to try breaking apart a old rotted log to find some dry chunks of wood. It worked. The fire was so nice we sat there drinking coffee and marveling at the view until noon.

Mustard Pass was ahead of us and I was excited to finally get going. it was so hard to put that morning fire out. We packed up and headed out. As we rolled our bikes back to the trail I froze in my tracks.

Griz poop that looked like it came out of a elephant. And since there was no elephants that ate pine nuts it was obvious a huge griz was checking us out the night before … or … even worse while we sat at the fire. Mo stuck her hand in it to find how long it had been there. Whew, …. last night. Stepping around the massive dump we continued down the hill shouting, “hey bear”.

Just as we got back to the trail I heard, “pedal down! pedal down!”. Holy shit, the pedal fell off again. This time I used my knife to whittle me a socket that would fit into the pedal. I might of been able to tighten the nut enough for it to stay on and we continued. Also I clean out all grease because the frigid temps was making it sticky and would back off the nit. We continued.

The ride up Mustard Pass was the pinnacle of the weekend, it did not disappoint. All rideable at some time I was forced off to walk on some rough and rutted sections. Standing on top of the pass we raised our arms in victory. That was pass number two of this trip

We bombed down the descent past Blossom Lake where we spotted some campers. the first humans we had seen in two days. We were not eager to socialize. We came out on Noble Fork atv trail. I pulled out the map and waited for my partner.

She prompted me for the time and I found my gps … holy shit, it was 4:30 PM. We usually look for camping spots around 5 but we were so far out of where we planned to be. By now we should of been in the Twin Lakes drainage.  A little tired from two days of climbing we decided to climb to Noble Lake and reassess in the morning. we were not as lucky as the night before as a heavy rain forced us into the tent early.

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