Sheridan Shindig Day 1

We arrived after dark all grumpy from a week of work related bullshit. The weather reports did not look good. We did the best we could choosing this place because of all them this one would provide the warmest most pleasant weather. Which is not saying it would be nice at all. Just something we could survive … maybe.

The morning of departure was full of optimism. The sun came out and it was nice. Real nice. The big push out of the bowl and over the first pass was intensely hard but we had 5 days ahead and all was good. This was going to be fabulous.

As we approached the low part of day 1 we encountered our fist hurdle. A scrambled to find a place for a tent where one of us could rest while the other could get help ensued. We were as far away from help as one could get. After a hour of stressful assessment and trying remedies things finally worked out. The situation passed and we were able to remedy the issue. The call was to continue with the idea that we would cancel the trip if anything surfaced again.

We turned upward into the North Fork of Indian Creek and waited. The trail was so amazing we just continued and the danger of dying out there did not seem so possible. I have to say if the trail was not so fantastic we would of camped at the first meadow and rested … and waited. To see if the remedy would hold.

Then I heard my partner yell that her pedal fell off. A “Oh crap” panic entered my head as I pulled out all my tools. Another situation. Another reason we should just turn back. Being the tenacious folk that we are, or dumb, we decided to rig the pedal to stay on and continue. Damn if we were not going to at least stay out there for a day or two.  Even considering we were way into the boonies without seeing any other humans at all. No one goes this way I thought my self. It was going to be a LONG walk into Sheridan … a LONG walk.

But the pedal held and the trail was so amazing we found the intersection to Rossiter Lake and excitedly set up camp. This was going better then I hoped given all the diversity of the day. We were on track after overcoming a couple possible trip ending situations. Tenacious … yes. After a fire and supper we slipped into our tent just as the rain started and continued to pour throughout he night.

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