Hidden Lakes Adventure Day 2

We woke up to a half coffee due to our lack of water. Camping on a ridge has it’s drawbacks. As we packed up hikers started to walk by. And then I remembered the parking lot. It was full of cars. Could this really be a big destination? With the roughest road to a trail head ever? Yea, all that expansion of Big Sky and all the people hired to run things. This is now visited often. Great! other people. we feared that we wouldn’t find a spot to camp.

At first it looked like we would have to settle for a sub par camp site tucked away in the woods. But then a walk to the farthest of the lakes proved to be fruitful. After scoring a massively cool tent spot on a rock ledge overlooking the lake I took a preparation nap for a evening adventure. We hiked the rim above our lake. The usual walk about. Took some photos. And then retreated back to camp for a quickie supper.

The rains came and the thunder rolled. I went to bed early without knowing that I would be stuck in the new tent for 14 hours. But we had the coolest camp site this year. Strikes and gutters … right?

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