Hidden Lakes Adventure Day 1

Left work but realized I forgot my butter. No worries right? Just stop by Big Sky. Holy Shit! Unbelievable! The place has exploded. There’s like a Main Street and even in Ace Hardware. Movie theaters and the lot. I would say almost 50 to 100 new places. Has it been that long? So that is why we got to the trail-head late. And why only 45 minutes up the trail we stopped to set up camp. Just in time too. The sun set and we hung our food in the dark. Which is why I fell down a slope and cut my hand.

Interestingly enough all the while I kept thinking that I would rather be at home. Is that what happens when you adventure too much? Come home and before you unpack it is time to repack. Getting to the trail-heads late. Working 40 hours in a stress tank. Is this what happens? You start to wish you were home. An unusual feeling for me.

The next morning I was glad to be right where I was and all the end of week work slog bull crap was gone. Ahead lay an adventure.

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