Ramshorn Adventure Day 3

Removing oneself from the wilds of the Gallatin is hard. Hard because no one wants to leave. You carved a life for yourself out there. And you come to terms with the hardships or in my case FUN. And even though you lost your water filter and killed a baby bird by accident … well … you feel lucky. No one wants to admit what waits for them when they return to the valley and finally home base. Yep, the 40 hour work week.

So we savored every last part of the day long decent past Fortress Peak and down Porcupine Creek. I actually ripped a sidewall and had to endure barbarian horse flies on a trail side fix. But even then I felt lucky and happy. I just did not want it to end. But finally it did and we hauled our asses and bikes back to home base. And back to reality. Until next weekend folks … to Hidden Lakes.

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