Ramshorn Adventure Day 2

The good luck day. We woke up expecting to pack up all our gear and ride until we found water. This is what you get when camping up on a ridge and needing tons of water for last nights dinner and the new day’s coffee party. I wandered off into the trees and there was a spring. Score!

So after a coffee party high on a ridge we set forth for Ramshorn Lake. Descending, climbing another ridge called Blizzard and resting. Then another big decent, and steep too. We ran into a retreating horse person who said she was turned back by a grizzly mother and two cubs. Maybe our luck has run out.

Likely story … we continued. The day was spent climbing in the sunshine. No doubt the valley, our home, would be melting in heat. We were comfy except for the relentless climb. OK, I enjoyed it, I will admit that. Today I am a lucky person.

We arrived at the lake with time to spare. Another adventure maybe. But not yet. The thunder rolled and the rains started to fall. Spent the evening in the new tent listening to podcasts. That night we fell asleep to boulders being rolled off towering cliffs around us. Either a bear digging a den or rolling rocks looking for grub. Maybe a pirate trying to scare us away from their treasure high up on Ramshorn Peak. In any case we are lucky to live this life.

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