Hillgard Basin Day 3

I got up early and hiked up to where we hung the food. Walking back to camp I was struck in the face by beauty. We must of picked the most beautiful spot on the planet to camp … right?

I re hung the food and walked around our lake. Comet Lake tucked against Echo Peak. Enough of the photos I thought to myself. I want some coffee. I pulled down the food and walked to our eating area about 70 yards from a sleeping Mo.Too bad she was not a morning person. I sipped my brew and let the sun soak over my body. I hung my hammock and vegged.

Once my partner woke up we were off for an adventure. We took a non-traditional route up to the Hilgard Plateau and took a look at the crown of rugged peaks. Then the rain came and chased us off the mountain. We skedaddled back to camp and proceeded to take naps and hang around camp the rest of the day. Unpackaged. Unstressed. And finally REALLY in the high country, both body and soul.

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