Hillgard Basin Day 2

My mood was much much better on day two. Explains why working a full day, driving to a trailhead, then hiking to find a place to camp is such a bad idea. But then the weekends seem much more full and long … right?  The packs heavy yes, but the scenery hiking up the basin was magnificent. We ran into a couple forest service employees and they said that there were bears upon the ridges the night before. We expected that.

We even expected mosquitoes. But as we set up camp in the basin it became evident that these little monsters where going to be a problem.

There was a bit of an issue to find a camp spot as well. All the main lakes were taken by others camping. One even controlled by a group of horseman.  OK, I will let that go.

We climbed high and found a secluded lake called Comet. We set up camp in a hurry as the clouds of little vampires buzzed above. But this is a special place and we are tired of hiking.

We fell asleep to the sound of the pitter patter of rain drops on our tent and the trickle of a brook just 10 feet to our South. My back hurt from the monstrous load I packed up. I feel asleep anyway.

Ahhh … finally in the backcountry.

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