Little Bear Cabin Fatpacking

When the lights came on all I could think of was to get up and try to act normal so that if Mo was looking out of the window she would not be alarmed to see me sprawled out in front of the woodshed like I had been shot.

So I did get to my feet even though I felt dizzy an really couldn’t answer the question as to why I was even out by the shed in the first place. Then I noticed that the North side of Little Bear Cabin did not have a window. And it was so early in the morning that she would of not been up anyway. I think. Well at least I could remember that.

The rest of the morning I stumbled around, fidgeted, and took some photos. Then it was time to leave and get back home for the up and coming wonderful world of work. When we finally got back to the car I came clean.

“I hit my head while trying to get to the woodshed … I think. Knocked me out cold … I think”

And I was ushered home and put to bed.  I think.

One reply on “Little Bear Cabin Fatpacking”

Omg those are some beautiful pictures. So sorry about hitting your head. Thanks for taking the pictures though. Hope you all are well now.

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