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Dear Bozeman

I feel the culture of no respect for other tax paying road users besides motor vehicles of the 4+ wheel type variety in Bozeman must change. This morning a parks and recreation vehicle brushed past me which gave me alert. I admit to gesturing towards this truck towing a huge trailer. I mean the trailer tires were within 6 inches of my left elbow. Then ahead of me I witnessed him do it to another bicyclist but even closer. At the stop sign I took the photos. There is no reason for a city employee to take the life of another because of an “accident”. I put accident in quotes because accidents are things out of our control. Of course this would of not been an accident.

“overtake and pass a person riding a bicycle only when the operator of the motor vehicle can do so safely without endangering the person riding the bicycle”

-Thank for reading
Bill Martin

This letter went out to:


Bozeman Police Department
Bill, appreciate your post. I would suggest contacting Parks and Rec and talking to them about this issue. It might be as easy as reminding the driver how the trailer is wider than the truck and the driver needs to make more room.

Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department
Whoa. Unacceptable. I’ll get right on this. Thank you Bill!

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