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If I were to do a race like the Fat Pursuit like Americans run their business I would die. 40 hour work weeks and stupid time-clocks. This morning it occurred to me as I was RACING to work an not be late that I could get hit or crash pretty violently in the icy conditions. What the F**k is with the need to be to work by a certain hour. INSANE.

And then there is ACTUAL racing. I said it best in 2014

Expectations … and perspective. Have no expectations. Don’t expect a groomed surface, or to ride, that it is all downhill from here, or even that you are almost there. F all of that. Just be content that you are alone and you don’t need didly-squat. You can be right where you are and sleep, eat a warm meal, be warm, or fix any situation that comes your way. You have everything you need. You don’t need to be anywhere but the place you are right at any given moment. And enjoy that space. That space is rare … soak it up.

Yea, do a bike-pack race like today’s workplace and you’ll die … or win, but who the hell wants to be a shithead winner. They die early.

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