Calf Creek Version 2.0

I was excited to show Mo this exciting new cabin I had stumbled upon; Oh about 3 weeks ago. The Calf Creek Cabin. I booked it up for two more nights. Once we arrived she saw what I saw … a beautiful little cabin in a big meadow … she was hooked.

There was two things to do, bike around and discover, and discover a-foot. Day II biking went pretty well, except we did finally run into snow up high. But it was the lazy evening walkabouts that we enjoyed the most. Who walked in the valley below discovering lots of elk tracks and a little creek. Especially lots of aspens.

Then day III was the most exciting crossing a meadow and discovering a hidden canyon with a river running through it. Pretty darn exciting. Open meadows and forests of Aspen so the walking was easy.

The next day was lots of bike adventure where we tried out various single track. There was, however, so much downfall things got tiring. After a couple hours of that Mo was done. But it was a cool little ride back down to the cabin.

A great weekend relaxing hanging out and being ourselves indoors. What’s on the horizon? Next weekend we have planned a backpacking trip and the following weekend we have a huge 5-day car camping trip. So that’s it for cabins this year. The summer is upon us.

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