Calf creek

Here I am in calf creek cabin. The sun just came out after wicked little rain storm. I did two rides today. One up calf creek trail. The other up towards the tender foot. In both cases I ran into snow.

Now I’m sitting here in this beautiful cabin and nothing to do. I had dinner, sausages and planting chips, but now I find myself wanting to play cards. Or go for a lonely walk. Register the beauty outside. Maybe over the ridge to look for animals.

This is the first time I have come to any cabin all by myself. My partners out of town visiting family and I thought why not go out on a big adventure. I just really wanted to bike pack here. it’s 100 miles from my front door. But then I read about how they close the gate for the winter and what happens if I run into snow? No way I’d walk 8 miles after a 80 mile ride.

Well there was no locked gate and I was able to drive all the way the cabin. So I did two rides from here.

I sit here writing this blog. The stove is going and it’s warm. It’s too early to go to bed. And now the blog is done. Now what? Guees i will have to get up tomorrow and do some more adventure.

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