One sunny day in Yellowstone National Park Mo and I decided to give hiking a try. After climbing for about an hour I turned to her and said that I feel old. Gravity was just kicking my ass. After not exercising for a little while an exercise like this makes your legs feel like they are petrified.

Let’s examine petrified. Some say petrified wood is only a fossil. Formed by being buried by sediment and then protected from decay by oxygen and little things that would eat it. And then from what I read it gets a little technical. Something like a process where groundwater which has dissolved solids will penetrate and flow through this settlement. In any case this damn s*** turns to rock.

This is what has happened to my legs. A sedimentary lifestyle has turned my legs into sediment. Now turning into rock.

The funny thing is that some specimens of petrified wood are such as accurate preservations that people do not realize that they are fossils until they try to pick it up. Which, they can’t. The damn thing is way too heavy. And me, way too heavy.

So what does a guy do but to find a good place to rest. So I skirt around the hillside a little . And as we sat there and look into the distance were the buffalo roam and the deer play Mo’s face grew excited.

“Isn’t that a petrified tree”, she said and pointed downhill.

4 thoughts on “Petrified

  1. Flippin cool! The stone wood that is. Funny to read this on this morning because I had a little reminder of where my place in life is now, which is not 20 years ago. She said, “my hair is different from yours. It is black” and I said, “and mine is brown” She said, “no, yours is grey, that is why I call you Baba.” Off to my 35 year reunion in a few hours. Glad there are a lot of other things for me to be happy about cause the grey and old folks I will hang out with tonight aren’t doing it for me. I like Mo’s approach to things. She’s a keeper 🙂
    Have a great weekend 🙂

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