The “quick and dirty” climb


The “ol quick and dirty” is what I refer to a “outing” that one must do when somehow life has tried to make you forget your an adventurer. After work when you know you must get out and do something. But then it is too late for a real adventure. But you must do something. So you go to that standard “quick and dirty”.

For my partner, and I when I am visiting, it is the Mt Washburn climb. There are two flavors. A real quickie and the “I did not squander the entire day” ride. The real quickie starts when you leave the main grand loop highway in which one parks at that last pullout with the outhouse. It is our opinion that the pullouts with outhouses are the least crowded mostly because people don’t think you “see something” and try to hord in on your “Yellowstone experience”.

In any case Mt Washburn tops out at over 10,000 feet and that is so cool. It even has this long undulating climb that has a 2 mile straight piece that breaks you out of any mental funk. Currently my favorite “quick and dirty”.

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