Time for a post

It all sounds like a good idea. At the time. But sometimes it just turns out differently.

A new job. A new opportunity. Sounded like a great thing to invest in. and you know what, it may just be too early 2 make the decision that it might have not been a good idea. But until it is I will just make the most of it.

I don’t know what it is but everytime we go out for a ride we always encounter some snow. It is possible that it is my choice of trails. And it is also possible that it is my choice in where I live. But in any case we always encounter snow. It may be too early to detect whether this was a bad idea to be in this place riding my bike. Now I will make the most of it. Time for a snow angel.

When I get done from work as of late I usually just come home and stare at the wall for like 3 hours. Work is hard. Change is hard. the blog surfers. My writing suffers. I mean, my riding suffers, as in riding my bike. Meaning that my last really cool adventurous ride was, well, I can’t remember how long ago.

maybe I need to do this more. As in blogging more. And maybe get caught up in all of the thousands of pictures I’ve taken since then.

So I guess I’ll pull it over and write a blog.

Your Thoughts

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