For the bird that “can” fly he actually preferred to get around on land. OK … so he was a little afraid of heights. He preferred dirt. As a teen he damaged his balance faculties so flying was even more scary. Even so, on land, he was the fastest bird around.

Flash forward to a month previous. Life offered the opportunity to live in a better place. Moving across the river to another valley was tough but eventually was able to settle in and happiness started to return. The previous valley just did not match up with his style.

Then opportunity struck again and a new job appeared. Not that grouse have jobs, but his part in the overall scheme of things seems to align and he spent some effort to jump on it. And it was about to happen. And he used all the speed and agility that he had acquired through he years to make it all happen. This old bird still had a couple tricks for sure.

“I want you”, said this opportunity. “You are the most grounded, quite literally, of any bird I know. I mean there are ones that can just fly and are a dime a dozen. But you are balanced … do you want the job?”

“Let me see what my partner thinks”, the grouse said and ran off to their new home to consult with his cohort.

But home was empty. His partner had left … also obtaining a new job as a Interpretive Ranger in nearby Yellow Woods. Her job to tell the birds to stay 25 yards away from the humans. He was happy for her but his new opportunity seemed a little dull now and excitement dwindled. But he had come to far to stop now.

“I’ll take the job”, he told his new boss.

One thought on “Grouse

  1. I like the new job part and the visiting part best 🙂 Very nice birds…wish I were there to see them myself.

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