Lazy ass

Hump-day, As we are all aware of means we made it through half the week. Now that is a accomplishment. So far the usual … kind of behind and trying to get caught up. Thankfully we are half way there.

Today I become a bachelor as my partner is on the road outta Montana. Going to spend time in the desert looking for faces and what not. We spent the better part of the last couple days spending time with each other. I call it “last supper”. For me, now, it is laying on the couch getting caught up with all the You Tube / Red Bull TV mountain biking videos. Laying here wishing I was out there. Realizing I could be out there. But too lazy to do it. I know I will set a mileage goal.

Starting tomorrow I will commit to riding a certain amount of miles. I need the motivation. I am one day closer to death and I better get in the miles before I cant. Plus now I have all the alone time in the world. Bike pouting season as you will.

Your Thoughts

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