Leaving Hyalite

After a day of frolicking up Hyalite it was time to vacate the cabin and head back down to the “normals”. Society waiting for us to come and pay the dues. To work and pay our masters. So that we can return on another day. We vowed to make it soon.

The snow started to warm as we got back to the cabin. It seems like it was a mad rush to get out of there before we would be forced to push out. It would be much easier to ride the crust.

Funny thing, ice. When frozen we can skate on it, play hockey on it, and even ice fish. When it melts I fall into water. Eeek … Freaking horrible. I hate water. So I guess in a way I have a fragile relationship with winter. And as spring hits its a mad scramble to get off the ice.

All packed up we started to to “bomb down the hill”, a 10 mile journey of mostly downhill. But the first 3 miles would be snow, the first 1/4 on a compacted 4 feet of snow. I mean, pushing a quarter mile is not that bad. But after a morning of riding crust we wanted to milk that feeling.

That feeling of gliding effortlessly along. The feeling one gets on a super flowie single-track in the summer. Ah yes summer. Lets ride down to summer.

Leaving winter, leaving Hyalite.

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