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A goner

A friend just sent me some photos from back in 1999. It brought back some memories. Some memories that I can jot down and release myself from my self imposed pressure to put out a blog post every morning.

If I can recall correctly, I probably can’t, it was a weekend that my friend and I planned. Let me clarify that indeed I can not remember so I will go off of what information I received in the email and make stuff up.

It was the best of times and the worst. I learning new technologies and in school and my friend Paul hooked to a beeper. If it went off he had to go. We brought Marcy and that kind of meant we had to do dog friendly stuff. What better to start the adventure off with a kayak near a place called Floodwood Pond.

We proceeded to paddle around the lakes with Marcy at the helm. That is until we got close enough to shore that she decided to jump for it. Problem was there was no footing like she had thought. She panicked and from that moment on would never be pressured to go near water again. She probably thought she was a goner.

Then on day 2 we hiked to a waterfall called Mossy Cascade. It was beautiful and so green. We were messing around trying to get a closer look at it when Marcy bolted up the rocky ledge. She loved to climb things and probably thought we were headed up the cliff.

When I saw her bolt I knew it was a mistake but surprisingly she almost made it. That is until she fell backwards tumbling down to the creek below. I knew instantly she was a goner.

Paul was probably wishing his beeper would go off. It must of been hard to be around when a friend losses his faithful companion. But Marcy did not die. She made it through. She was a little banged up and had a cut lip. But she did make it through.

Later on at camp I sat in my new hammock and played on my laptop. Not that I was doing anything productive by today’s standards. I had no email and probably did not know what a that even was. Blogging, forget it … I didn’t even know what “online” meant. I didn’t even have or believe in taking photos. No I was probably working on a 3d program I used to like called Bryce.

Nowadays Marcy is not around any more so I guess in a way she is a goner. And I don’t fancy being on my computer without a internet connection. But I still have my friend which plans a adventure with me every so often. And look at all the cool stuff we can do on the internet.

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