Doing shit

I am thankful that I have a flexible job to allow me to et my work day hours. I have been going into work at 7 lately for the specific reason to get out early.  The theory goes that I would have more time to play after work. So that is what I have been doing.  And I have pulled off the getting to work early part. But have failed at the play part. I know … insane.

I have been going home with the complete understanding that once there I would launch into a feirce core workout. And then the next day amybe get out on the bike for some burst training. And the next day maybe run a mountain.  But when I get there I am greeted with Mr. couch. and Mrs. dinner. And Dr. relaxation.

The best part of life is that you can change things and that is the part I am most grateful. So today I plan to get out on the bike and even do some core when I get home. Today’s carrot project is the continuing effort to find gravel.

The bitch is that life must end and it is up to us to do shit before it does. So I need to plan to do stuff. I have to do stuff. I must do stuff.

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