Longer then I thought


My plan is to create a impossibly hard loop that someone could never possibly conquer in 24 hours or even ever in a single ride.  Maybe this loop could be a extreme bikepacking endeavor.  In any case my expedition to GPS and discover another section of the Foothills Trail continues with a ride from Truman Gulch to Middle Cottonwood.

So I parked at the Middle Cottonwood Trailhead and rode the dirt roads over to the Truman Gulch Trailhead. It was like 100 degrees out and the washboard loose gravel made the beginning part of this ride pretty challenging.  But little did I know i was out for some even more challenging sections.

It wasn’t long before I was climbing and then more climbing … and … climbing.  As I broke out to a open meadow I jumped on the Foothills Trail running South.  And, you guessed it, started climbing some more. Finally I gained the saddle that so many times I have turned around upon. And then I rode off the other side.


I was happy to be finally on new trail and decended to a meadow. Then I noticed that my climbing power was gone as I headed up to the next saddle.  I felt a little wore out from the previous sustained grunt. So I walked the uphill to what I thought was Bostwick Pass. And I paid the price too because the climb was straight up now and it seemed as thought the only trail users were motorcycles. At one point I had to carry the bike on my shoulders and scrabble for footing.  It was super steep.  And up I went to the next saddle.


As I gained the ridge it was all I could do to keep from collapsing. but I couldn’t because to the right of me was a huge drop off and again the trail was so steep I was struggling for traction. But I did finally gain it with the thought that thankfully this was the last pitch.  And I was glad because it would get dark in an hour. But as I crested the saddle I was horrified to see that Bostwick Pass was the next saddle over.  At least I hope it was Bostwick Pass.


As the sun started to set I gained the next ridge and indeed it was Bostwick. From there it was all downhill to the car.  A long downhill. In the day time this trail would be fun but very technical. At night it was freakishly frustrating. At one point I glanced off a rock and went down. It became obvious that I needed to go slow and walk all the ricky steins. I reached the car in complete darkness.

Your Thoughts

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