Beartooth Adventure Part V

I pulled into camp to once again find my partner missing. But I knew nothing had snatched her up.  Again I was late getting back from “Bill Time”.

We had a long day ahead of us so we began to pack right after some coffee. Basically we needed to get back to the car which promised to be a hoot since it was all downhill.  Then we needed to drive back home.  All this with a stop in Cooke City for a burger.

But along the way we were waylaid by the usual distractions.  Flowers. The sun. the beauty.  Really … it is so hard to focus on a tight schedule with so much going on.

I have to be honest. When you run into high mountain flowers this late in the summer there is a little part of you saying to stop and enjoy … winter is right around the corner.  So we did extra “nature appreciation” stops.

It was over before we knew it. The final decent from a camp that took us two days took us like literally a couple hours.

And that concluded our Beartooth adventure.  It was hard to go from the simplicities of riding or pushing to driving back to lower elevations and crowded streets.  And then came work … argh. Definitely got to go back.

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