Discovering love

It is so cool when you discover a new love. You suddenly realize that “this is f’n cool”.  And then you propose to do it again.  A lot. Last Saturday I met Mo at Battle Ridge for a bike pack trip up to Fairy Lake. I choose my fatty bike just to see if I could load it down and see what it could do.  I discovered it could do just about anything.  And I discovered that it was f’n cool.

We started out on a gravel road which kind of sucked because of the traffic.  Included with the traffic was the Bozeman gun fetish crowd. For some reason Bozeman area folks love to take their shotguns and automatic anti armor tank weaponry and shoot the freaking hell out of a hill side.  The particular group we encountered was shooting at bright orange clay pigeons.  Which they left on the hillside.  It looked like a dump when they were done.  But soon enough we encountered a locked gate.  Once  around we were free of the motorized loving freaks.


Then we encountered the climb. For me no problem. Well … except it was like pedaling a tank uphill.  Which I don’t mind. really!  But for Mo who has just come off of ACL surgery it was a challenge.  Slow and steady she was fine.   am a big proponent of not reinjuring an injury … which I do all the time.

While Mo took her time I left the road and explored all kinds of terrain on my fully loaded fatty.  I crushed through woods. Lofted along green grassy meadows. Did ski like turns down snow fields. Even crossed streams and mud bogs. I guess you could say I was off the beaten path.  And it was fantastic.

When we were within a mile or so from our destination we encountered the reason for the closed road.  It started with a small patch of snow but by the time we reached the lake it was full on snow slogging.  I didn’t mind though. It was a blast.

Would I have had fun on my 29er Salsa?  I don’t think so. My choice to go with the fatty on this particular weekend trip was spot on. The mixture of snow riding, off road exploration, and dirt roads were a perfect match for the “floatation bike”. For obvious reasons.

I did fall in love with fatty packing.  And I was ecstatic to be back out in the woods camping and surviving out of a couple small bags.  Most of all, though, doing all of this and sharing the experience was the most rewarding. I give the trip up to Fairy lake 20 thumbs up. 10 from me, 10 from Mo, 4 from a goat (later disqualified for using hooves).

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