What about fatty-packing?

My bike weighs what must be like 50+ pounds but I don’t know.  I didn’t weigh it. In fact it took me all day to make decisions and pack it.  All part of the process of learning this bike packing thing.  I love it. The simplicity. The mobility. That reminds me, mobility. A fat tire bike may be, in my mind, the best bike for this project.  When crossing un-trailed country you cant beat them. Today at work was hard. Why?  I felt fat bike fried … back to last Saturday.

On trails it is plush and stable. On the road … well, that is the drawback.  Right?  Not so. Leaving Bozeman I was cruising along at an average of 13.3 MPH … well that doesn’t seem like much but it felt like I was averaging like 20. OK, so maybe it isn’t optimal on the highway.  So I tried it on gravel roads.  Not as fast as say a 29er hard tail but I liked it. Then I hit the climb up the Battle Ridge Pass and cruising along at like 2 MPH in the heat of the day was really hard.  Mostly because of the sun.  But the going was slow. I made it to Battle Ridge to meet up with Mo and I sit in the shade leaning my rig up against a tree. Part one of the fat bike packing test … brutal but fun. More to come …o/o

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