Mo back from her planet

Today I am working remote but not much work was accomplished due to my ever increasing distraction of a upcoming behemoth effort. Tomorrow  we leave for the 24 Hours of Round the Clock in Spokane Washington. OK! back to work …

Ok I am back but darn if I feel ready.  I think I need to do some more research on lap times and what it would take to beat last years record. … OK! Back to work …

Damn! I cant concentrate. I better make sure my packing list is up to date so we don’t leave anything behind. let’s see. Tent, Check. Bike Stand, Check. Action Wipes, check. Carbo Rocket … um, what I have left … grrrr, check.  OK! Back to work …

No I need to find some information on body PH levels … no time to research that now. Back to work …

Awww, forget it.  I am outtta here. Time to go get ready for the race.

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