Waiting to long

Up Olsen Creek

We had been climbing for about and hour so I stopped to take some photos and to wait for my partner to catch up. Recovering from a recent injury she was taking her time.  I had a chance to take a big breath and take in the sights.  Sure is nice to live in such a beautiful place.

BridgersSuddenly I hear a loud grinding sound.  I jerked around in time to see the jeep bearing down on me.  My eyes locked onto the drivers and I knew just moments before the impact that his intent was to kill me.  I should of stayed home to pack for the up coming race.  But no here I was and now the time has come. Bam!  I jerked a couple times and then heard a voice, “Are you alright”?

It was the dentist.  I had fallen asleep while he was drilling my teeth.

“Did I hit a nerve”, he asked.

“No, fell asleep, I need to get some stuff packed”

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