Putting it back together


 This morning I got out on the mountain again for a 20 minute burn up to the ridge-line.  As I ascended I realized that I totally recovered from last nights quad burner decent. I realized that maybe, just maybe, I was coming into some kind of form.  maybe last weekends efforts were coming into fruition and I was peaking a bit. Sometimes as you travel the scenery changes in such a way that you realize that the journey is not so bad.


Last weekend when we traveled back from the mountain bike race I went from dread to all out enjoyment.  As our spirits were lifted with a spectacular sunset we decided to continue all the way home instead of stopping to sleep. As we crossed one bridge I looked up to enjoy the subtle pleasures of color and lines. Life is like that, a bunch of paths, sometimes going n different directions, with life’s un-duplicable colors always abundant.


Ok! So maybe there is no word “un-duplicable” and it is amazing you have read this far.  I can get so confusingly abstract and philosophic. Alright then, the earth is remarkably beautiful but in a dynamos way. Like all sunsets are not exactly the same.  Such are our journey’s in life.


As the darkness grew ever more dank upon the beauty of the earth.  And my eyelids grew heavy with dreams of upcoming races. One last glimmer of beauty appeared as a cobalt glow off the river. I watched the yellow lines pop by like the frames in an old movie. I started to dream of my next adventure and I shut my eyes.

*Disclaimer: I was not driving … lol


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