Last walk

AnrARcGCAAASZup I was at Adventure Cycling 6 pm for “Last Walk” a event I made up for someone who is going into knee surgery the very next day. The original plan was a movie, pizza, beer, and then ice cream. But with every great plan comes great sacrifice. First the movie was removed from the plan because apparently walking without a ACL is quite slow. So no problem. Most of the time involved talking about where to go for food but in the end “da Bridge” is where we ended up. As everyone sat around talking I remembered back to the good ol days when we were planning a big adventure with a possable overnight stay in a cabin all the while with beer stashes on our lips. Now it is time for the big day and tomorrow the walking will end for one of us. But it is also a milestone. A hump day as you will. When the damaged is repaired and the healing begins.

Your Thoughts

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