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Sharing the trip home

Towgotee Road

I can recall back to my personal ad blog post entitled S.O.L.O.. It describes a person who like adventure with a race or two thrown in.  Add to that some slow poking when it is time to return home. I can say without a doubt that today was one of those days. But today was with Mo, which made the trip home even more rich. 

Towgotee Pass Road

We left Towgotee Pass kind of early morning and enjoyed views that we had not been able to see up until today.  This area is extremely beautiful. 


After our prologue drive we went through the Teton Valley and I have to say this place kind of dwarfs Bozeman.


Once we arrived in Idaho we promptly stopped in a little place called Lemongrass Vietnamiese in Driggs. Totally nummy.  Follow that with a complete soaking in the water of the gods.

I am finally home for a grass fed beef cook-off and SOA screening.  Ahh, the life. The best part is that the personal ad is no longer needed.

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