More of this

The memories of this winter give clues to my summer’s plans. I think I made my decision while on a weekend trip to the Madison’s two weeks ago. We were skiing towards the Sphinx when suddenly it came into view as we headed up a open meadow. I thought to myself that this is what I want to do more. Maybe more bike packing trips.

The sun was setting and we needed to get back to the cabin and I snapped off one more shot of Sphinx Mountain. The sun’s golden rays were skirting the beast as Mo stood there studying the open white slopes, undoubtedly planning a couple runs tomorrow.  As I put my camera back into the bag I thought that this it totally how I wanted to spend my summer.

Back at the cabin we cooked brats, drank some Cold Smoke and I thought to myself how this is really living. I want to do this more this summer. The thoughts danced in my head as I dozed off near a crackling fire.

The next day we went back up to the meadow and beyond.  But that was not before a day of laying around the cabin until it was necessary to “do something” or just go home. It was pretty late as we broke out into the meadows again. The Helmut came into view and I stopped to pull out my camera.  This was great, taking photos and exploring. I want to do more of this.

“We must come back this summer”, I yelled ahead to Mo. I think she agreed. This weekend I enter my first snow bike race. Beyond that I am planning to defend my 24 hour solo races that I won.  Other then that I got to do more of this.

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