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Togwotee training

In two weeks we will be in our first snow bike race somewhere near Togwotee Pass and today was good training. We “tried” my urban loop which comprises mostly green space fitness paths. In the winter these become pretty fun snow biking opportunities.  Today dodging the poop bombs (bad dog owners) was not a problem but interestingly enough it actually snowed in Bozeman. Enough to test our resolve on these inner city trails.

Whenever we turned West the fierce wind blew snow into our faces so hard that the snow stung like hail and opening the eyes was a trick.  It was hard to see and with the snow piling up the trails started to disappear.

Once home the storm subsided and stopped. Maybe 3 inches fell during our ride but it was enough to give us a taste of riding for multiple hours in challenging conditions.  In two weeks we find out if this toughened us up.  Maybe next time I can actually show my girlfriend around Bozeman. Today was just a complete white out which made it seem more like Togwotee Pass.

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