Winter takes a break

Jefferson Range

I figure it will snow again eventually. And the warm winds should turn to frosty gusts of skin biting cold. When I am out on my Mukluk I figure I should be in a blizzard … where “Larry” is at home. This week would have none of that winter stuff.

Kelley Canyon

Instead it presented me with beautiful views and what is worse some of the best road riding I have done in Montana.  Living in Missoula I was road starved but Bozeman seems to have a plethora of it.  And with the current conditions all roads were bone dry except for the very tip tops of the passes.

Bridgers from Kelly Canyon

This week the training was hard. So many tuff tempo intervals against a tough wind. Add to that the unrelenting resistance of fatty tires on my snow bike and the legs turn to sore bags of pain. I sweated more then I should have and the sun made me feel guilty I was breaking some kind of winter rule. But this is Bozeman, the land of the bluebird day and endless sunshine. And the scenery is not half that bad either.

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