Sitting in a friends kitchen at 6 in the morning I realized that I am different. Everyone else is tucked away in their dreamland human comas but I am alone with my thoughts and this little voice that says, “your not normal”. Oh hush, self.

I cant sleep. Maybe it is because I really do only need 5 hours of sleep. Maybe my brain doesn’t know what sleep requirements are and waks me up at 5 to start thinking of what adventure to do today. After an hour of going through the possibilities, riding the Mukluk on the Moose Loop at Lolo Pass, backcountry skiing Crystal Theater, or skate skiing Elk Meadows, I decided to come upstairs. Now here I sit with a bowl of granola.

“Maybe shoot out a blog”, I say to myself and search for ideas. Maybe a blog about a photo. But I have run out of photos and the nocturnal training produces minimal photos during the winter.  Maybe I’ll blog about past years and the journey to where I sit now on designer stools in a huge house on Carriage Way in Missoula. Maybe about my trip to Missoula and the big party that followed. Is that why I have a headache?

I read some blogs from Jill Homer but that only adds to my anxiety because she posted a really good one. And with that I decide to give up on writting that award winning blog and just start typing.

But now I am sleepy, tired from all this wonder. I think I’ll go downstairs and snuggle up for a tiny nap. I think I am human after all.

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