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Perfect speed

Continuing on from the post about our accent on Angels Landing today I have some images from a side trip to some kind of pools. Not an ordinary side trip, not for me anyway. Think there was the words reflection or something cool like that in the names. I cant remember but what is so important about names and labels anyway? Specially since this place dosent even exist.

On our journey to Angles landing I noticed a side route and upon coming back down from our jaunt I was leaning towards checking it out. Once down the trail the scenery started to change and as I looked back realized we had stepped into another dimension. Was there really even a path there to begin with? I don’t know but curiosity got the best of me and I didn’t tell my hiking partners of my discovery.

No one noticed that our world had changed and I kept it all to myself. Even when I was taking photos and noticing large reptiles the size of box vans in the valley below. I just directed everyone’s attention to the beautiful foliage until I could get this thing figured out.

The colors were distorted and everything green had become red. Browns became yellow. Like someone colorblind. I didn’t say a word and started to hatch a plan to get us back to our cars … back in another time. I suggested we turn around and with that we headed back to where we began. I feared that when we got back we wouldn’t find the portal.

Suddenly I figured it out and suggested they walk ahead while I get some evening shots. I took my time even while creatures started to reach from the bushes and grope at my ankles. The world was starting to come alive and I had a small chance before we were devoured by this entity. I tried to time my move to the exact spot we had come through the portal. When the time was right I blasted down the trail. I was right, all physics were suspended and my gate quickened until I was traveling at the speed of light. I saw my friends in the distance and my timing was perfect.  As I came to them I broke the sound barrier and we stumbled back to our dimension. They noticed nothing and it appeared to them that I tripped and fell.  What did I find out?  That the perfect speed is being there.

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