Skate ski extravaganza

We decided to explore something new on skate skis and since the map at the Bridge Ski Foundation showed a 15 mile loop that would be groomed for skating we planned for a full out assault. My training plan had me doing anything I wanted, including eating bon bons on the sofa. Problem was that a loop this demanding with icy conditions would require the party to begin at the latest noon. We got to one of the access points like around 4ish so our hopes of completing this thing was questionable at best.  It was pretty icy but pretty cool and doable considering other places in Montana were looking at dirt and weeds instead of snow.

I am learning that Bozeman has lots of cross country ski opportunity.  We got a little off track and ended up at the dam in which we had to use our adventure skills to traverse. Once on the Wet side of the big loop, and back on the course, we zipped down to the car in the darkness (our attempted route). Following up this type of adventure with a soak in the Bozeman Hot Springs is totally mandatory. And that is what we did.

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